Jean tinha uma dúvida is a book published by Editora Tigrito (Brazil, 2020) that tells the story of Jean, a boy that one day is unable to solve a question during his math class. This little doubt gets bigger and bigger by the day as more little questions about other subjects start to pop over Jean's head, bringing disorder to his life.  Original text by Rodrigo Bruno, art by Helder Oliveira.
The creatures - In the book, there are many depictions of doubts. These doubts are generally colourful creatures that resemble in some way the question that originates them, such as "how fishes breath underwater?", "how the stars keep shining?" or "how do the planets hang in the sky?". The doubts that come from adults, however, look more abstract and less colourful. They are inspired by the work of Joan Miró mostly. 

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