The Insiders is a middle-grade book published in the US by HarperCollins (2021). This is the story of Héctor Muñoz, a boy who just moved to a new city and school. Back home being gay didn’t mean feeling different for Héctor, but at his new school, he couldn’t feel more alone. Everything changes when, hiding from bullies in the janitor’s closet, Héctor discovers he’s stumbled into a room that shouldn’t be possible - a room that connects him with two new friends from different corners of the country. The Insiders is written by the award-winning author Mark Oshiro, with cover design by Jessie Gang and illustration by Helder Oliveira. 
In the chosen design, the characters are walking in the school hallways. Each one is accessing a door. The idea is that the door/room bends the space/time for the characters to meet each other. Some magical details around the cover represent various elements of the story. 
Out of all the color options, the chosen version was bright yellow. After rendering and polishing details, this was the final result. "The insiders" is available for purchase in the US.

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